The Tools of the Trade


     These are just some of the tools of the trade that were used for treating the unsound of mind. Scarily, not to many years ago. Some of these, I saw first hand, sitting in abandoned drawers, in operating theaters at Northern State. The second from the bottom was what would have been used to perform a pre-frontal lobotomy. The sharp end, would be forced into the tear duct of the eye. Tapped slightly to break through the thin bone, then the instrument would go about an inch and a half deep into the pre-frontal lobe, wiggled a bit to interrupt erratic brain impulse, and the goal was to create a new subdued and cooperative human being.
Sometimes things turned out as planned. The successes were paraded in the press, while the mishaps, were quietly tucked in back wards of institutions, not to be seen.Northern State Hospital performed too many operations like this….One is too many.
But sadly many more than just one happened there.


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