The Book, and How it Came About


Northern State Hospital was a story that began in my youth. Even though I did not know I would write a book at the time, I knew my experiences were anything but normal. I knew my childhood was different than most. It was there that I grew my moral compass. To begin with, most kids don’t have a parent that works at an abandoned mental institution…and most kids don’t get free roam. My adventures were different every day, as I always found something new. Dad had many characters working for him who loved to talk about the “good old days” when the hospital was at its zenith. Those times and those experiences began to shape me, I talked about them often. Finally, after being told so many times that I ought to, I began to write it down. The story came out like fluid, as if it were writing itself. I had studied so much and was told so much about the times, it was easy to slip into character and let the subject take over. The journey was not always an easy one, there were lots of twists and turns. The biggest hurtle was allowing myself to go places that as of yet, have been left undisturbed. My goal is to take the reader to a place of substance, that tugs at their heart and soul. Finally to be left with a greater understanding, of an often taboo history, from not so long ago.


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